Born in the same hospital where Winston Churchill was once treated after being hit by a car at Fifth Avenue and 76th Street, I was a lifelong New Yorker until I decided not to be anymore. Photography, art, history and news have been the four tines on my fork since I could read and hold a pen. This spaghetti junction of obsessions has led to a career that has navigated museums, archives, photo agencies and getting to be the Director of Photography at two of the greatest tabloid newspapers on the planet, The New York Post and the New York Daily News. I am now happily ensconced as the course leader for Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England, teaching the next generation how to follow their photographic obsessions and have a great time doing it. This is the second furthest place I’ve lived from Manhattan and where I intend to increase my collection of sensible footwear, enter my dotage and begin shouting at tourists from my drawing table. Actually, I’ve started that already. But I’d love to hear from you.