We will be issuing a second edition spring 2022 for the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature.

Disappointed! is a collection of illustrated reviews, all of them real, of the Cornish town of Fowey. From the petty to the surreal to the absolutely demented, this book will take you on a journey of disappointment from food that wasn’t quite right to hills that were just too steep, stopping at underwhelming castles and ugly beaches along the way.

Soft Day: Polruan
Polruan Has Eyes (from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’)
Long Steps
Storm Cloud
Pont Sunrise (from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’)
The Parade
Quay to Sea
Spring Wall
Tiny Wetsuits Full of Poo (from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’)
The Wall by the Lucks
Lost Glove
Random Path
Spring on the Parade

My obsession with the passing of time (and time travel, but that’s another story) has been with me for as long as I can remember. I began to get deeply spiteful (not that anyone could tell the difference) one winter when, day after day, I walked the earth like a marsupial, rising in the dark, staying inside all day and then returning home in the dark in order to lather, rinse and repeat. I started setting up my time lapse camera almost every day so that I could return and see what I’d missed.

Time Lapse

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Case Bound with Ribbon

There are just a few copies left of the first edition, available here and from Shrew Books shrewbooks.co.uk

’17 Syllables About Fowey’ is an illustrated book of haiku, following Fowey through the four seasons with all of the petty annoyances and small pleasures that come along with them. I do love a good petty annoyance, though that seems indulgent and almost a distant memory at this stage. Written and illustrated over a single calendar year and completed in March 2020, the book is an occasionally caustic love letter to the rolling sideshow that is home.


Any questions, email gretchen@hissingvulture.com


Boats Are in Storage (from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’)



Gwari is a card game with roots in Mexican Loteria and the Tarot. It is designed to teach people of all ages the Cornish words for familiar (and very Cornish) things. Game play is like bingo, in which players mark a card containing a variety of the possible images as a caller reads the word out. The caller is able to be playful and instead of simply calling out the word they may create a riddle or a cryptic clue.

Notebook sketch of the female blackbird who feasts on cat food whilst they watch
Keyhole Castles
Demon Cat Menagerie 1 on Farrow and Ball Paint Samples
Virtue Signalling: Recycling
Hunker Down We Must
Gull Feet Fandango
La Ahorcadita
Demon Cat Menagerie 2
Pink Demon Card
Kitchen Floor Crime Scene from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’
Gullcock Cacaphony
Duck Farm
Closing Time at B&H
Hissing Vulture
Sympathy Not Forthcoming
Not Knots
Music Lesson
I March
Landing Gear
Thank God You’ve Come Back
John Collins 1983
Don’t Look Now
Heavy Metal Church
Jackdaw Coquette
Majestic Ascent
Tiny Aquarium on Vintage Paint Sample
Lostwithiel Steps
Aerial Redruth Ballet
The Wall by the Lucks
Sea Squares
Please Come In
Jan Philp in Terryanne’s Fascinator
24 Shades of Irritation

A series of illustrated articles about the frequently terrifying creatures I encountered as a nervous transplant from New York trying to live in the Mexican desert without having a heart attack every time something new crawled or slithered across my path. Originally published in El Calendario de Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, Mexico.