17 Syllables About Fowey


Case Bound with Ribbon

The 1st Edition is now sold out from this website, but there are still copies available at Shrew Books and Readymoney Beach Shop in Fowey.

’17 Syllables About Fowey’ is an illustrated book of haiku, following Fowey through the four seasons with all of the petty annoyances and small pleasures that come along with them. I do love a good petty annoyance, though that seems indulgent and almost a distant memory at this stage. Written and illustrated over a single calendar year and completed in March 2020, the book is an occasionally caustic love letter to the rolling sideshow that is home.

A second edition with new illustrations is in the works.


Any questions, email gretchen@hissingvulture.com


Boats Are in Storage (from ’17 Syllables About Fowey’)